Munduk Waterfall

The Bali Munduk Waterfall is a stunning waterfall in Munduk village, Buleleng, Bali. Because the waterfall is located in a highland area with good air, it is a popular waterfall tourism destination for tourists visiting the northern area of Bali Island, where, in addition to the Munduk waterfall, there are many other types of waterfalls. On the high land, there are various springs, and the water pours into a cascade. One of these is the Munduk waterfall, which gets its water from springs in the highlands and provides clean, pollution-free water, making this visit even more delightful.

Things To Know Before Visit Munduk Waterfall

Waterfall is located in Munduk Village, which is a remote village located in the mountains, where the air here is quite cool and cold. Because the waterfall is located in Munduk Village, therefore this waterfall is named according to the name of the village the waterfall is located in, which is called Munduk Waterfall. As with other waterfall tours, which are located in the interior with remote access. Same is the case with Munduk Waterfall which is located in the interior and far from residential areas, to get there you will go through a winding path and down stairs, it takes good stamina to travel back from the waterfall, because you will follow the original path by climbing a child. stairs. But for those of you who are nature lovers, we think things like this will not hold you back, because it is very worth the results you get, which is to see exotic natural works by admiring a high waterfall

Munduk Waterfall is not too high, about 20 meters, but offers such a beautiful and luscious view. Around the waterfall is overgrown with green plants which add to the beauty value of this waterfall. The sound of water falling from above to the pool of water under the waterfall completes the beautiful scenery. The pool in the waterfall, which falls from above, is classified as not large, which is only enough for bathing. The plants that grow around the waterfall, to be precise on the rock cliffs, are tropical plants, which cannot grow in places that are not tropical, with colorful flowers, as if to add to the beauty of this Munduk waterfall. It is very suitable as a background for your photos, because it offers incomparable beauty value.

To visit this Munduk waterfall tour, we recommend not in the rainy season, because the trail will become slippery. The path that we will take will pass through the community plantations here, where there are many clove plantations and coffee plantations, because the source of the community’s income here is mostly from plantation products. While walking along the path, you can see the surrounding coffee and clove trees. Because Munduk Village is located on a plateau, which is about 900 meters above sea level, so if it rains, the rainfall here is very high. With such beautiful natural scenery, many foreign and domestic tourists visit here, and even feel at home for a long time just to admire the natural works of Munduk Waterfall. If you have a plan to visit this waterfall, we from Bali Tour are ready to take you to this place

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