Goa Lawah Temple

Bali Goa Lawah, often known as the Bat Cave Temple, is a renowned Bali tourist destination. It’s called the Reef of the Middle Hill, and it’s located near a mountainous bank. This cave is located in the Pasinggahan countryside, Dawan sub district, Klungkung Regency, in Bali’s east. A nature cave on the north side of Jeroan/the centre of Gua Lawah Temple is home to hundreds of tail bats. Meanwhile, the main road connecting Klungkung and Amlapura runs directly in front of the temple. This cave complements the stunning black sand beach that runs along the shore. Goa Lawah is a tourist destination that is very interesting to visitors because of its distinctiveness, making it one of the tourist attractions.

Things To Know Before Visit Goa Lawah Temple

The location of Goa Lawah is in Klungkung Regency, Dawan Village, where if you depart from Denpasar it will take about 1 hour drive, the position is located on the main road to Karang Asem. If you go to Karangasem, you will pass this Goa Lawah temple. located in front of the beach with a very beautiful beach with clear water adds to the charm of this lawah cave. If you want to go here, please contact us and we will take you to see the uniqueness of this Goa Lawah temple, where you can see thousands of bats hanging at the mouth of the cave and these bats during the day they only rest and at night they come out. With an experienced driver, the trip to Goa Lawah Temple will be even more enjoyable

The uniqueness of the Goa Lawah temple is a group of bats that occupy the cave passage here. As for the fact that the bats are in a sacred place and do not disturb them, these bats are protected by local customary rules and are forbidden to be hunted or caught, because they are believed to be sacred creatures that guard the Goa Lawah temple. This makes the noise of this nocturnal animal colony a phenomenon in itself that can be witnessed by visitors. In addition, the presence of a bat relief at one of the gates/Gelung Temples that separates the middle courtyard (jaba Tengah) from the inner courtyard (jeroan) of the temple is a symbol that this animal has a special position in this temple. A herd of nocturnal animals, active at night every day out of the cave starting in the evening. Waves of bats came out of the temple to find food. But strangely, not all of them came out at the same time, they seemed to take turns. There is some waiting. Imagine if everyone left the cave at once, this area could be like being covered by a cloud of bats.

Pursuant to the papyrus of Dwi Jendra Tattwa, the Goa Lawah’s name is Goa Lelawah, the name which is given by Danghyang Nirartha (a priest overspread the Hindu teaching in Bali) when he stop in this place on his Tirtha Yatra trips. He arrive at a cave which is a lot of bats hang on and its unbroken voice clamor as hymn to add the beauty of the cave. Therefore this cave is named by Goa Lawah or Bat Cave. On the above cave is growth by the flower trees with it’s smelt fragrance and stimulus the peace mind of Danghyang Nirartha, so that he overnight stay for some nights in this place. From the cave we see also the beautiful coast with the blue ocean with Nusa Penida Island as a backdrop. In Goa Lawah consists of two syllables of the cave, which means cave and Lawah which means bat cave where Lawah tail inhabited by thousands of bats in the mouth of this Bali attractions there is a temple Khayangan Jagat status. Goa Lawah Temple is a sacred and beautiful area. There was a blend of sea and mountains (linga-yoni). As the name suggests, this temple there is a cave inhabited by thousands of bats. While at the mouth of the cave there are several palinggih Stana of the Gods. In the yard, also stood firm several Meru and other sthana. Narrated MPU Kuturan come to Bali during the tenth century the government-led Children’s Youngest brother of King Airlangga. Airlangga own rule in East Java (1019-1042). When he arrived, mpu Kuturan find many sects in Bali. Seeing the fact that, mpu Kuturan then develop the concept of Tri Murti with the aim of uniting all these sects Kuturan MPU also teaches making heaven Pakraman Three in every village in Bali as well as confirmed the presence of Jagat heaven that one of them is Goa Lawah Temple

As for the facilities at Goa Lawah Temple, including very complete in supporting the tourism that is here, where there is a very large parking lot here, if you bring a car or bring a motorbike, you don’t need to worry, because the parking space provided is sufficient. very wide. There are stalls selling food and drinks here, you can see many stalls on the beach selling food and drinks here, there is a fairly clean toilet here that you can use, there is a rest area here that you can use to rest after a long journey. very long. There are souvenir vendors here selling souvenirs that you can buy as souvenirs. It is classified as a complete facility for those of you who want to visit this Goa Lawah temple, so you don’t have to worry anymore when visiting this Goa Lawah temple. So what are you waiting for, come and see the uniqueness of this Goa Lawah temple and see the beauty of Goa Lawah beach which is very beautiful.

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