Bedugul Botanical Garden

The Bedugul Bali Botanical Garden, often known as the Bali Botanical Garden, is one of Bali’s ten most popular and well-known tourist attractions. If you pay attention, most Bali tour package suppliers will surely provide vacation travel packages to Bedugul tourist attractions. I will construct a holiday guide to the tourist attractions of the Bali Botanic Gardens for you on this page. Attractions, entry ticket prices, directions, opening hours, and the best time to visit the Bedugul Bali Botanical Garden will all be available.

Things To Know Before Visit Bedugul

Weekdays Weekend category
Entrance ticket price IDR 20,000/person IDR 30,000/person
Bus Parking IDR 50,000 IDR 50,000
4 Wheel Car Parking IDR 15,000 IDR 20,000
Motorcycle IDR 5,000 IDR 15,000
Semi-electric bicycle rental IDR 40,000/hour IDR 40,000/hour
Bike rental IDR 30,000/hour IDR 30,000/hour
Rent a children’s bicycle IDR 25,000/hour IDR 25,000/hour
Buggy rental IDR 150,000/hour IDR 200,000/hour
Electric Scooter Rental IDR 50,000/30 minutes IDR 40,000/10-15 minutes

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